About Us

Resources for Resolving Violence was created to provide staff development and training for treatment providers faced with the difficult challenge of working with children and families where violence and/or sexual abuse have become endemic. It was founded in 1992, in response to requests by private and public agencies in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, who recognized the juvenile sexual offender training institute to be the leading training program at the time in the field of adolescent sexual offender treatment. Since that time it continues to be recognized as the most comprehensive training institute among a variety of university-based and independent efforts to provide an academic foundation for responding to youth violence and sexual aggression.



Executive Director

Joann Schladale has been working in the field of trauma, child abuse, and interpersonal violence since 1981.  In 1991, as faculty at the University of Louisville, she developed and coordinated the internationally acclaimed Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor Certification Program in addition to other courses focusing on violence prevention.  She continues to teach courses on a collaborative approach for healing trauma, and stopping violence and sexual harm.  As founder and Executive Director of Resources For Resolving Violence, Inc., Joann provides extensive consultation, program development and evaluation, clinical supervision, staff development and training on evidence-based practices and empirically driven assessment and treatment. She works closely with public and private agencies on prevention, mental health and protective services, and juvenile justice.

Joann has received professional awards and made hundreds of presentations throughout North America, Europe, and Africa focusing on childhood trauma, sexual harm, youth violence prevention, and positive youth development.  She has also written numerous book chapters in scholarly texts. The T.O.P. Workbook for Taming Violence and Sexual Aggression was published in 2002, and she collaborated in the creation of Community-Based Standards For Addressing Sexual Harm By Youth (2007).  Joann recently completed The T.O.P.* Workbook For Sexual Health (2010), and is co-writing Stop It! A Practical Guide For Youth Violence Prevention, scheduled for publication in early 2012.

Joann Schladale’s resume




Chief Operating Officer

John Zink is a licensed attorney in Maine, Kentucky, and Virginia.  He has been practicing since 1978, and his work focuses on legal representation for under-served populations; Guardian Ad Litem services; administration for social justice; and consumer protection. He has also been involved with state legislation and policy development. John has worked with local, state, and federal entities to enhance service provision and protection through collaboration within multiple systems of care.