Respect for the diverse nature of families for whom services are provided is paramount. Support is given without regard for gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, culture, and financial status.

Continuum of Care

All services are designed and maintained to facilitate seamless transitions throughout full continuums of care. Clinical assessment guides services within the least restrictive maintainable environment of care.

Individualized Treatment

Treatment is provided based upon each youth’s and family’s individual strengths, needs, attributes of resilience, and protective factors. Optimum service delivery is determined by initial and ongoing assessment of treatment goals throughout the entire therapeutic process.


Healing is an ability to embrace and celebrate life through attention to physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. We base all service provision on the belief that youth and families can heal from pain that brought about a need for services. Healing provides a basis for leading productive and fulfilling lives by managing pain in ways that do not cause harm to self or others.


Healing occurs within the context of relationship. When families are provided warm, nonjudgmental, genuine support and empathy, potential for successful outcomes are enhanced.


Hope is central to the healing process. Our intention is to instill hope throughout all services. Service and safety plans are developed and maintained in accordance with the belief that youths and their families will make progress in their goals for healing.


We design and provide all services so that each participant can master tasks required for healing. We believe in every child’s and family member’s ability to initiate service goals and collaborate in the design and maintenance of those goals. By supporting their right to make decisions, we enhance their ability to take responsibility for their own healing.


Each youth and family involved in treatment is part of a larger community with established institutions and agencies designated to support and assist these youths as they move toward adulthood. We provide all services in conjunction with this support. Educating schools, juvenile courts, social service agencies, mental health providers, doctors, and other service providers for youths and families is an important step in achieving long-term successful treatment outcomes.

Successful Outcomes

We base all services on extensive research. Desired outcomes are established for all services and continual assessment guides progress towards such goals. Resources for Resolving Violence, Inc. is responsible for providing highly effective services most suitable for meeting the unique needs of each family for whom services are provided.


We design and deliver all services in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We achieve successful outcomes through efficient utilization of resources.

Quest for Excellence

We continuously improve all services by evaluating effectiveness and efficiency. Excellence is demonstrated by staff, determined by prevention of harmful behavior, and evaluated by youth and families with whom we work.